"Excellent Bison, fresh fish and inventive enjoyable experience all around."


"Tweed's, at 17 East Main Street, (631) 237-8120, is a homey, historic charmer. Situated in the John Sullivan Hotel (circa 1896), it has the original pressed-tin ceiling, Victorian chandeliers, stained glass, a stunning mahogany-and-marble bar, photographs of turn-of-the-century Riverhead and on the wall, the huge head of the last bison shot by Teddy Roosevelt.

If either the bluefish or fluke is offered, go for it. Also giving evidence of the restaurant's efforts to use local ingredients were the Aquebogue duck served two ways (leg confit and pan-seared breast slices), the Long Island clam chowder (clear broth with lots of vegetables) and the even better creamy New England version, also made from local clams."


"On the heels of veggie burger launches by McDonald's and Burger King, Riverhead's Tweed's Restaurant and Buffalo Bar is pursuing healthy eating from a different angle.

The eatery is introducing bison-based entrees, all from animals raised on its North Quarter Farm.

The USDA-inspected cuts will include house-made Italian sweet sausage, breakfast sausage and prime ground bison for burgers sold by the pound.

So far, Tweed's Bison burgers have been served at several East End events this summer, including the Long Island Wine Classic and the All For the Sea Concert for Southampton College….Bison is much lower in fat and cholesterol than beef and that the restaurant's bison eat only natural feeds.

The result? A flavor described as sweet and tender, not gamey."


"American fare is the staple at Tweed's Restaurant and "buffalo bar." Try one of the bison specialties."

YELP - Rachel

"I've been to Tweed's before and always enjoyed my meals there! I sent a group of my clients to Tweed's and they loved it, they raved about it actually. Thank you." 

9/22/2014 - East Killingly, CT

"We were pleasantly surprised when we went here on a recommendation from the hotel we stayed at. The food was DELICIOUS and the filet was one of the tastiest I have ever had. They use Prime beef which a lot of places don't offer. The steak was a good size and came with 2 sides. The restaurant itself was dimly lit and reminded me of an old speakeasy. It was an all around great experience and I would highly recommend it if you're in Riverhead, NY."

7/20/2014 - Elizabete S.

"My boyfriend and I were walking in Riverhead, and did not know where to eat. I yelped restaurants close to us, and Tweed's was shown as one of the closet. We walked to it (10 sec) and looked at the menu; we decided to give it a shot. Everything was delicious!!!! Starting with oysters and the Long Island clam chowder, which had such great flavor!! Then when the lobster ravioli came out, I knew I was in for a treat! It was quite possibly the BEST lobster ravioli I ever had! So long story short...definitely try this place out, you will not be disappointed!!"

11/23/2014 - MaryAnne M.

"Tweed's is a local gem. Great food, great service and great music. You are always taken care of. Just had my first raw scallop and it's delicious!"

1/6/2015 - Frank D.

"Tweed's is a kind of throwback. The type of place old world politicians, businessman and bootleggers would go. Expect to be taken back an era or two but it does the place justice.

The bison burger is wonderful. Add cheese and bacon, you are in bison heaven. Great lunch spot for a burger."

.............................................. Reader

"...Tweed's Restaurant & Buffalo Bar, located in the J.J. Sullivan Hotel in Riverhead. Upon entering you're immediately drawn to the giant stuffed buffalo head on wall. It's huge!!! They've got a small bar with seating for at least half a dozen and about a dozen and a half tables scattered throughout. In the rear lies a fireplace and there's an outdoor seating area along the rear entrance that can be nicely utilized during the warmer weather. And then there's the buffalo head, said to be the last one shot by Teddy Roosevelt.

They've got 4 beers on tap. 3 of them are Blue Point (Oatmeal Stout, Pale Ale & Toasted Lager) and 1 is a Southampton (the Steam). Previously, the Southampton Yorkshire Pub Ale had been on and they've also seen some of the more fun seasonal including the Pumpkin Ale (I gave them a 4.5 on selection because they only carry very local breweries on draft and they're good damn beers.)

They've got a most incredible food menu here. Steaks, Tuna, Duckling, and their specialty, Bison, prepared in a variety of ways. Bison kebabs, Bison burgers, a Bison Reuben sandwich, Bison ribeye, and on and on. I had the Long Island chowder (it's a clear broth) and the Bison filet which was just absolutely amazing. They've got a solid collection of over 50 wines and they pride themselves on use of local food specialties and wines (there are a dozen vineyards on the north fork, who knew??) 

Service was friendly and attentive. I just sat talking with the bartender and chef for a good while. Guess what? The owner has a farm 2 miles North of the bar out near the Long Island Sound with 90 head of Bison on it. I drove out the next morning to see it for myself. 90 head of Bison on a farm on the North fork, east end Long Island..."


8/22/2014 - Scott S.

"Ate here randomly as I was in the area, pretty good. Service was slow for the amount of tables but friendly. Food was good, chowder above and beyond, bison burger nicely cooked. A bit pricey but frankly, anyplace with Pappy Van Winkle is OK in my book. Worth a stop."


6/17/2014 - Randall P.

"There is nothing bad to say about Tweed's. The ambiance, the service, and the food are all terrific. Try the quail, baked clams, and scallop appetizers. Everyone loves the bison which is great but you gotta try the rack of lamb. It's the best lamb I've ever had. The desserts are great too especially the chocolate decadence cake. It's a relaxing old school experience worth the price you pay for the food."


2/18/2014 - Ed K.

"A friend was on jury duty in the Riverhead area last week and met her for lunch at Tweed's during the lunch break. We enjoyed the bison cabbage soup and the bison chili... absolutely delicious - huge portions! The Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon that the bartender suggested was the perfect match to our lunch! I went back for dinner there this Saturday night and was so pleased with my duck breast appetizer and grilled bison cowboy steak. Stuffed and happy."


12/18/2014 - Diana B.

"As a steak lover, a friend of mine brought me here to have bison. I loved every minute of it. The Bison was delicious, tasty and not as heavy/greasy feeling as beef. The wine was excellent and for appetizer we had the quail special which was very good and the crab cakes that were the best that I've ever eaten. We were too full for dessert but I'll definitely be returning. Also, they have bison steaks you can buy to go!!! SCORE!!"


2/7/2015 - Julia S.

"Passed by this place so many times but never suspected that you could go in there, have a fantastic meal and feel like you were in an old movie for an hour or so. Great bar, loved the atmosphere, will definitely go back and bring friends."


3/8/2015 - George P.

"It's been about 2 years or so, so we thought that it was time again. (Not that anything was wrong in the past, but passing 3~4 good places to get there was silly) Same old beautifully historic interior as before. Like an old friend you haven't seen in years. First course, well.. If you call it a course was the extensive bourbon menu. Along with some wonderful single malts. We decided on the.....Fried calamari. Perfect. Lightly seasoned, fresh (fresh... what a concept) Mozzarella and tomato. Again perfect. Tomatoes.. Well.. Not really in season, but you don't order to~mo for the to. The mozzarella was outstanding. Fresh beyond compare. For dinner we went with the rack of lamb for Veronica and I chose the filet mignon. If I knew the rack was 2xs the size of a normal portion, it would have been my choice. But alas. The filet was a perfect.. Medium rare. Nice size portion. Very enjoyable Dinner downside. The mash potatoes. Far from the best I've had, but.... As an add on to the plate, it was livable. Veronica.... Looking over my shoulder reading as I type states I failed to mention the cream of zucchini soup. GET THE SOUP!!! It was amazing!!! For dessert... Well we left the table and sat at the bar for an additional cocktail or 2 with our bar maid Alice. The evening ran approximately 250.00 for 2 including drinks, but was a wonderful evening. As Ferris would say.... "If you have the means, I would highly recommend it."

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